Pass value in XAPI event



I repost a new topic to have more information about the customization of the code of differents H5P.
I will take the example of "BranshingScenario". I see all elements (branching question ...) have an id that permits the library to show the good element. I would like to get this value and return her to the xAPI event for the next time read the good instruction. 
I don't find a tutorial for that, can I any help?

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I don't think there's a specific tutorial on how to add (custom) xAPI events, but if you familiarize yourself with the xAPI specification first (and check how H5P triggers these statements - just JSON objects passed to a function), then I am sure that you'll get help here if you ask specific questions.


Thanks for this answer

To bring more precision to my concerns, I would like to modify the H5P to send the instructions for the current exercise during its use, in order to transcribe it by audio later.


Today I managed to retrieve the sub IDs by sending them back via the score trigger and the "attempted" event to then retrieve the information in the database, but I would like to optimize that by sending the instruction directly via screen info.