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Not sure how to explain this! but here is a try.
When creating/sharing content with everyone on the hub, do we always need to use h5p editor to access these shared contents? is there like a site to access the hub other than our own sites where the hub exists? is it possible to get an link or an embed link to the content living on the hub?

I am a little confused with my own question!! lol


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Hi farrisimin,

Your question actually makes sense ;-)

Currently there isn't a way to access the Hub outside of using the H5P editor. Currenlty the OER Hub is a repository of contents that are shared and having a site/page for that does not really make any sense since you will only see the contents as H5P files. Having a site to showcase the contents (seeing what they actually look like), may take a little more lobbying and time to be developed.


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Hi all!

I'd like to throw in the thought that we'd face a similar situation to today's on if you could "get a link or an embed link to the content living on the hub" as farrisimin put it - people using the site as free storage to host content.


Yes that would totally be true, but the shared lesson growth would totally be exponential!! and the hub would become diverse a lot quicker. Lessons would be also updated quicker.. I just saying some thoughts out load, I didn't even understand my question to begin with @<@