branching scenario

Hi, I have created a branching scenario that is quite large, what I wanted to know was if an apply all could be set for a question?

For example, throughout the scenario the same questions are repeated (sometimes over 100 times), say Q13 has 3 answers, yes, no and unsure - no and unsure always leads on to Q14. Instead of me copying, dragging and dropping Q14 to each branch, is there any way to tell the program that answers no and unsure on Q13 will always lead to Q14?

thanks in advance


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Hi Michelle,

Yes this should be possible. You can utilize the "advanced branching options" under each branching answer and choose "Jump to another branch". You can set Q13's answers no and unsure to always lead to Q14. This way you can just copy/paste Q13 and it will have these settings. Please note that this does not create a new copy of Q14, instead it will tell the content to just go Q14 wherever it may be located in your content.