How to add explain for the answer?

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I used H5P to create question and answer. I want to add explain for each answer for single choice, flash card, multiple choice or other. But I can't do it.


question: How many days in a week?

Answer 1: 7

Explain 1: Good! 7 days per week.

Answer 2: 6

Explain 2: incorrect. 7 days per week, you are keep in mind.

How to do that?


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This would also be something i could really use. In my case i would even like a pop-up with the ability to add a explain or feedback. The best would be if it has a text editor.

It should display in the popup with the answer. The explain should be display below the answer.


<Images icon> Correct!

7 days per week.


<images icon> Incorrect!

7 days per week, you are keep in mind.


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It should be possible to do this in MultipleChoice. You can have one feedback if the alternative is selected and another if it isn't selected.