Feature to disable any user feedback (trial run)

I am looking for a way to allow my users to take a set of H5P tests before a lesson but not provide them with any correct or incorrect feedback. I would still like to record their answers in our LRS via xAPI.

After the lesson, I would present my users with the same H5P tests but this time score them correct or incorrect (these would be different instances of these H5Ps so the data would record separately).

Ultimately, I can compare the xAPI data to get before and after comparisons to assess how well my users are learning the material.

I see in this post (https://h5p.org/node/248365) that it is possible to make version of H5Ps that don't display any answers to users. But this example is a Quiz Set and I'm looking for individual True/False, Multiple Choice, and Fill in the Blanks quizzes. I am not an H5P developer but wondered if BV52 could help me get those created.

Many thanks for any help!

I am using H5P for Wordpress with LearnDash and the TinCanny Reporting LRS for Learndash.

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Hi paulcham,

The settings that were used in that content is located in Question Set not within the individual questions. Specifically both "Display solution button" and "Show "Check" buttons" are disabled. With regards to customizing content types I'm afraid I am not a developer as well and will not be able to help you with that.


Oh, I see now! Thanks for the info!