Multiple choice

Added a question set. Selected multiple choice. Wrote my question in English. Wrote 3 options using an RTL language.

1) You already know what I will say: When I end an RTL sentence with punctuation, the punctuation jumps to the wrong end of the line. My temporary solution is to avoid periods/question marks, which looks unprofessional. Is there a way for me to make my options RTL, which would take care of the punctuation?

2) Naming questions: This is counterintuitive, do I need to name each question (basically repeating it)? Initially, I thought I am naming the series of questions, but when I went to create question #2, it wanted a name for that too. Can I just call it "Untitled Mul..."? Is there a benefit to naming?

3) Adding questions: The method by which I add questions is clumsy. To create the 2nd question, it seems I had to restate the fact that my series is multiple choice. Am I doing this correctly? To be clear, I am trying to write an exercise sheet with a dozen multiple choice questions.

Thank you!