Image pair game


Hi, I'm using the Image pair game and I have a couple of questions:
1. Why there is no "xAPI" event on pairing the image only on selection
2. On image "drop"/"pairing" how can I know if the pairing was correct/wrong?
Thank you

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Hi Alex!

1) I guess you'd have to ask the external author who contributed that content type: Jithin Thankachan. Will probably not be easy though, he's currently not working on his content types anymore (Image Pairing, Find the Words, and Image Sequencing).

2) Seems that content type is not exposing too much that one can work with. There's no obvious answer, so someone would have to invest some time into this.


Hi Oliver Thank you for the response, I also reviewed the code and have the same conclusions I thought that maybe I'm missing something or somebody forgot to create new PR.