different exercices depending on the level of my students


I'm using a lot Interactive Book and course presentation to mix course content and tests.

But I'd would like to suggest and head for customized exercices depending on the score of my students.

example : the students complete a first middle level exercice

if the student have a score lower than 10/20 he is redirected to an easier exercice and if the student have a score better than 10/20 he is redirected to an harder exercice.

I was thinking about "branching scenario" but it is not possible to use evaluated exercices to redirect the student.

Do you have a suggestion to help me to solve my problem ?

Thank you.

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Hi syllabozoo,

I'm afraid this is not possible at least not within the confines of H5P content types. It sounds more of something an LMS can do however I haven't had any experience in setting up such exercise. If anyone in the community have any other suggestions feel free to post your comments.