Random questions from a question bank?

Hi y'all!

First I must say that I am very impressed by the features presented by H5P and I really enjoy using it. I also really like the visual design of it! But there's one thing I'm missing, or at least haven't found yet, which is the possibility to create question banks in a way for my drag 'n' drop quizzes and other. Is there such a feature? I'm making a website dedicated to have students practice the different subjects for themselves. The various features of H5P really helps in that regard! But I would like to be able to create quizzes, with various question types (drag n drop and more), that takes a set of random questions from questions banks and shuffle them into the quiz so that each time a person does it, it's never the same. 

Example of what I'm looking for: Let's say a student is practicing 'verbs' in a linguistic subject. Id like to be able to create a bank of, let's say 200 questions about verbs and then have the quiz take 10-20 of these on random. In that way the student can do the same quiz over and over and never know exactly what questions that will come or in what order they will show up in. 

So is there such a feature, or can anyone give me a lead on where to find it, if there are other good plugins for this? I'm not looking for an LMS since I don't want those entering the site to become members. Just visitors doing some practicing. 


EDIT: Quiz Maker does this elegantly, but only with the ordinary "answer a question with several different answers"-quiz type. I want this same feature for H5P's Drag 'n' drop feature especially, and even other H5P quiz types aswell. ( https://sv.wordpress.org/plugins/quiz-maker/ )

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Hi NickOhlsson,

The content type Quiz (Question Set) have the option randomize the questions to be shown. It also provides the option on how many questions will appear.