Hello, thank you for your job! it is very helpful!

i have a few questions:

1) how i can look how many people use any quiz witch i publish if i have not registration form in web site. 

2) if i have registration form and people log in, after log in i can see who have points. but i cannot  see how many time they using this quiz. 

3) How i can add reyting between user. 

Thank you ! 

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Hi Yusif!

1) The common approach would be to use the server access log files. But you can use 2) as well.

2) You can do this by processing xAPI statements that either transport the users' id (when logged in) or a unique random identifier (when not logged in). Please see https://h5p.org/documentation/x-api for a brief introduction into H5P and xAPI.

3) I am not sure what you mean by "reyting", maybe "writing"? That would require to have a server that offers an API that supports communication between users and to use that API in H5P content types (if that writing between users is supposed to happen within H5P content types). The platform that you're using H5P on may offer way to for users to communicate with each other as well.