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Can you explain me how to write the words with italics? There's no text editor and no code editor.


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Hi Eva,

Text formattting such as Italic is not available in Drag the Words.


Hi BV, just checking if the suggestion below is still the only option for adding italics to the drag and drop question type and if you would recommend it. In our case it is for plant names. Thanks, Jane

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Hi jrobertson,

Yes, AFAIK is the only option to add Italics. Doing the steps provided by papi Jo should work and will not interfere with any other features of the content, in short I don't have any issues against it.


Ok, great, thanks for confirming.

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Here is one possible workaround.

1.- If not already installed, install the maths library. See details at https://h5p.org/mathematical-expressions

2.- Suppose you need to write the scientific names of plants (in italics), here is an example:

Common Name : Caucasian fir *\(Abies ​nordmanniana\)*.
Common Name : bear's breech *\(Acanthus⠀mollis\)*.
Common Name : downy Japanese maple 'Aconitifolium' *\(Acer⠀japonicum\) ‘Aconitifolium’*

Note: the "maths" expressions are rendered in italics. You need to use a blank space code separator between the words, you can use o-Break Space   or braille pattern blank  ⠀