h5p contents doesnt load when put into a collapsed boxed-wordpress


I have created some contents with H5p in Wordpress. I'm using ultimate shortcode and elementor pro. When I put H5p contents into a collapsible element like "spoiler" or "accordian", and set the content to be collapsed by default, the content won’t load. but it loads perfect when the element is open by default .

I tried these contents on Joomla in a collapsed element, NO problem.

The surprising thing is that, when the content is not loaded in a collapsed element<, I right click on the element and click on the "inspect elements" the content loads with NO changes in the code.

Here is the page you can test it.

Just go to developre tool in Chrome or Sfari and you will see that the content shows up.


I really need this feature work. I have tons of contents in one single page I don’t want to have all the contets to create a long long page.

Thank you all.

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thanks a lot. It worked.

But I hope the core team add something to the codes to solve this issue. I don't like to use more plugins.

However I really appreciate this workaround .

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All credit goes to Otacke as he developed the plugin I'm simply the messenger ;-)

I'll forward your request to the dev team.


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Hi all!

There's nothing feasible that the H5P core team can do about this.