Timeline just died

My timeline suddenly stopped displaying. In its place I now see a white box stating: Missing mandatory data - not able to draw the timeline. Please open this H5P in the editor, and make the necessary changes. Yes, I worked on timeline recently and could have inadvertently elbowed the keyboard--but I have had this timeline for years and nothing like this has ever happened.

Troubleshooting: Copied timeline, created a new timeline, pasted, got the same error.

The timeline is displayed at https://hebrewlion.com/learn.

As always, thank you for your assistance.

(ps, any word on when BCE/CE notations (replacing BC/AD) are due out? Requested in 05/2021)
(ps, any word on when an option to add 'circa' beside date is due out? Requested in 05/2021)

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Your content contains one ore more entries that lack a start date or a headline. Add the date/headline or remove the entries and everything should be fine again.


thank you

I notice that the controls do not allow to choose a specific font. I also notice that the font changes when I copy text from MS Word and paste it into the timeline. So I know it's possible to choose a font--but how do I do so directly in the timeline, please?