Creating A Madlib Game

Remember Mad Libs where you come up with nouns, verbs, and adjectives that are randomly picked then blindly used to fill in the blanks of a story?

Any suggestions on how to create a digital version of mad libs with H5P?



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You mean like a bullshit generator (

Should the user need to correct it?

Don't think you can currently do that with any H5P content type. The one that comes closest is probably "Advanced Fill in the Blanks" (see bottom of the "examples and downloads" page). It can offer dropdown menus with multiple options to choose from for a blank instead of input fields. It doesn't allow the option to be pre-selected with one of the answer options, however. It wouldn't need to learn just that. Alternatively, the regular "Fill in the Blanks" could be added a list with distractors that could be added by the author and then be used to pre-fill a field with one of them.

Not sure how useful such an option would be for the majority of authors. The H5P core team tries to not overload content types with options. Guess they would need to agree with that before someone starts to implement that.