Can we purchase service support from H5P for Moodle H5P plugin

Dear H5P,

We are the education council which have 10000+ students in HK. We are using the H5P Moodle plugin and allow teachers to create interactive content with the plugin. Our teacher always found some issues with the H5P tools and reported to Moodle system admin. But since the Moodle H5P plugin is the free version, we cannot ask for H5P's 7/24 service support for answering these enquiries. And the Moodle system admin also have not enough knowledge to solve this issue. Can H5P provide some 7/24 supporting service to the Moodle H5P plugin user? Any pricing for this?


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Hi Merlin,

I'm afraid we do not offer such services. I suggest that you consider signin up for an license as we provide 24/5 support (does not include weekends). You can send an email to the Customer success team at [email protected] for more details on the license.