Interactive Video Fullscreen Button shown in Forum but not on Website


I don't know if this is known but when visiting on my laptop (via firefox) I can see the fullscreen button in the 2 videos on this page.

When visiting on my mobile phone, I only see one fullscreen button in the second video. When I embed the second video into my website, no fullscreen button is seen.

I then created an interactive video in my Moodle and embed this to the same website and I can see a fullscreen button, but it's not working to click on it and make the video bigger. At first I thought it has something to do with my customised CSS rules but when deactivating them the problem is still there.

Is there a logic behind this why the fullscreen button appears in some videos and in others not? And I also found out that this button works sometimes when using my iPhone (e.g. in tutorial videos on H5P site or in my moodle) and sometimes not (e.g. when embedding videos from my moodle to an external website).

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Hi asgfa!

That button can unfortunately be hidden if the available horizontal width is too small. You can verify that by going to the pages that you linked to and making the window smaller in width. At some point, the button will be gone. It just slips into a second row that's overflowing the visible area. Guess one could call that a bug, as I don't think that was intended.

In theory, it's also possible that the browser/device doesn't support full screen - doubt that though nowadays - and the button will not be availble if an Interactive Video is used as subcontent.