Contributed H5P contents do not show their Description and License data

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When one wants to create an H5P content (on any platform) the available H5P contents list is displayed, including the "official" H5P contents and those contributed contents that have been installed on said platform.

In the list, the official H5P contents display an icon, a description and, when one clicks on the Details button, lots more info, including links to more info on the H5P site, screenshots, etc. It also displays the License info.

However, the contributed H5P activities only display their icon. No description and no License info, although those fields are available from their library.json file! Why is that?

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That's because that information is not fetched from the content type's archive, but from the H5P Hub server in Norway - but feel free to fill in the required fields in the h5p_libraries_hub_cache database table.