H5P and Cornell Note Taking assessment using H5P

Hi team

I am interested in using H5P as an assessment tool for Cornell Note Taking.

Assessment requirements are split into four parts:
1. Cornell Notes
2. Summary
3. Short answer questions
4. Multiple Choice questions

My superiors are keen having an entirely online assesment within H5P quiz format,  so teachers can review student answers as they would be in authentic to real test conditions.  

As there are four unique requirements to the one assessment, we have been trialing Cornell Note Assessments within colulm features of H5P. Our earlier trials have not included any key words within answers for parts 2 and 4; as they do not want to give any review or immediate results to students. However, we have found that we cannot possibly find the answers that students have written for parts 2 and 4. 

Given there has been much trial and error; we are keen to know any possible answers for the following:
- Can H5P be used as an effective assessment tool with absolute accuracy to the above requirements of our assessment?
- Is there an ability to read texts without having keywords within the column set up of H5P?
- How can we search for students answers once they have submitted their written answers for parts 2 and 4, with their answers in part 3?
- Do we need separarte quizzes for each of the specific requirements? 


Any advice here is most appreciated. Many thanks in advance.