H5P Advanced Fill in the Blanks 'papi jo'

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The Advanced Fill in the Blanks 'papi Jo' H5P activity is based on the semi-official H5P Advanced Fill in the Blanks activity by Sebastian Rettig. The improvements have been submitted to Sebastian who generally approves them. My initial aim was to incite Sebastian to include my suggestions into his distribution. However, due to lack of time, that is not possible for the time being, so I have created my own fork in the meantime.

The 'papi Jo' version includes Regular Expressions analysis of the student's answers in order to provide ever more meaningful feedback messages to improve the learning experience. This feature is similar to the one included in my own Regular expression short answer question type for Moodle.

Full documentation and demos available on my Drupal H5P Test site as usual at https://www.rezeau.org/drupal/

Feedback, remarks, etc. welcome!