Main menu: no downloads in 'Examples & downloads' section

Hi everybody,

New to here, also new to H5p.

I would like to download some h5p archives to upload them into Moodle, in my own test installation.

So, on the main page there is this section 'Examples & downloads', went to there, but cannot see any 'download' option.

Neither as a logged in user, nor as a guest. Should work either way, I think.

Any clues?

Sorry for such a lame question.



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Hi Piotr,

The download button has been relabelled to "reuse". Please note that the author of the content have control if this button will be shown or not so not all contents will have it.


BV, thanks a lot, got it.

Reuse is less intuitive than download, but that was not my call. :)



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Having the "copy" option bebind a "download" button would also feel weird. Might habe been one "download" button and one "copy" button, then probably someone would have hinted that all the buttons took up so much space or were ugly  - whatever way you do it, it's wrong ;-)