Memory game variant


I've thought about a second variant in the memory game.  You can take a look here:

Thank you.




hi there,

this is a great new addition, I am trying to download the content type memory game from your site but I am not able to.. please upload the .h5p files for us to download..

thanks it is looking like a great addition..


Well, what you've seen are images. The variant I'm proposing  is not developped in .h5p files. I just suggested an idea to develop by your team. I retouched the images in the new exercise to understand better what I meant. The only .h5p file memory game  I have  is what is provided from H5p, the exercise we all know. I think you don't refer to this file to share.



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Great idea! Thanks for sharing. We'll be considering this next time we create a new content type!