h5p entries not able to save in the export folder under uploads scenarios


Dear team,

Plugin version : 1.15.3

I have the website in which H5P has activated and all the things are working fine since first day of the instalation but from last 6-7 days when i tried to create the H5P file from the backend of the wordpress(https://prnt.sc/fC0Tk1vEFrpy),but didn't worked or saved the file in the export folder under tupload directory in the wordpress.

When i tried to upload the H5P file from the backend of the wordpress, Once file has uploaded, it doesn't save the file in the export folder under upload directory in the wordpress.

I Need the solution on above scenarios, please send me the directory of the files where i can check the functionality of this upload functions or provide the steps how can i resolve this quickly.

H5P file uploaded which i am trying to upload.