Excel report with name and email


i am using a simple true / false h5p activity plugin for my courses.

But i need to generate a report with the name and email of every user who has answered true to the question.

Anyone can help me on how to do it ? 

I can even do it via mysql but i need to know the tables

thanks in advance

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Hi Albert!

The answer will depend on what platform you're running H5P. If it's moodle, you should find all the results in moodle's gradebook and in the associated moodle tables. If it's WordPress, some basic information (should be enough for you) is stored in the `h5p_results` table. If it's Drupal, you'll need to install some extra modules first (cmp. https://h5p.org/documentation/for-authors/analyzing-results-and-answers) - and then look for the relevant table.