Only link displayed after server migration, only on few elements

Hi, please help me, I'm getting crazy.

Moodle 3.9, in a course I have some h5p working without any problem, someone else only link is displayed.

I've tried to add the allowed sources for specific h5ps, then they are correctly displayed, but anything else doesn't work.

In the same page I have:

<div class="h5p-placeholder" contenteditable="false"> - working

<div class="h5p-placeholder" contenteditable="false"> - not working - only link

Any H5p works fine stand-alone opening them in file repository.

What's wrong?

This is an example with a timeline, but it happens also with other modules, working in other courses.

Thanks for your help, I've to close a work in few days and this is a big problem for me.

Sorry for bad english, I'm writing from Italy.




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