Russian language

Hello! I have joined your forum. I want to meet new people and exchange ideas.

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Hello! I hope you'll succeed in that. There's also an H5P Community Chat you can visit.

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Hi do you create a course on russian language?

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All texts inside H5Ps are translatable, so you can change them to whatever you want, e.g. russian.

If you are looking for a more permanent translation, you could contribute it by following the guide for contributing with translations.

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I created this wordsearch on the H5P (for some reason our locally installed version doesn't have this option turned on).  The words I set to search for work fine...but, the Cyrillic alphabet that I pasted into the "pool of letters from which the blanks to be filled" section is not being used to fill in the missing spaces (screenshot attached).  Any thoughts?



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Hi grackle,

Thank you for reporting this. Find the Words is a community contributed content type. It was developed by jithin and I would suggest that you report this bug directly to his git repository.