H5P Plugin inside Slider or with swipe function... / Popup / InfoButtons

Good Morning together,

i have serveral questions about this plugin.

Question 1:
Is this possible to use this plugin within a sliderplugin or to swipe or navigate with arrows in the picture to the next picture with the interactive buttons, because we will have 4 - 5 pictures with info buttons?

Question 2 (attached you will find 2 screens, question2_screen1.JPG and question2_screen2.JPG):
At first when the user will open the page, he will see a popup with a text slider that descipe the interactive elements. Can this plugin make something like that? Example: by the first slide in the popup he will explain the arrows (this will marked in this moment), by the second slide in the popup, he will explain the info buttons that in this moment will be active and so on.

Question 3 (attached you will find 2 screens, question3_screen1.JPG and question3_screen2.JPG):
Acutally when the user click on the infobutton, the text, or video, or image comes from left/right in the picture.
It is also possible to show on the right or left or right from the info button a box with this content?

I hope that you will understand my questions. My english is not so good.

Yours sincerely

interactive element, popup, slider