Trying to activate the reuse-button in wordpress

I am trying to activate the reuse-button in wordpress. I go to settings in the plugin, I check the box for activating "the toolbar below", then I set "always" on the "allow download" menu. But when I go back an check my h5p content, no toolbar is visible. Nor is there an option within in the content to check for activating the reuse-button (only for the print-button). can anyone help me? It´s rather important that I can download my files, both for back up, and for using them in Moodle.

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Hi Gruble,

First if you set the option "Allow download" to either "never" or "always" you will not see an option to enable/disale the reuse button when editing a content. This gets me to my second point, if the contents that you created prior to changing the option were set to not show the "reuse" button it will not be overridden by this change.

What you can do is to change the option to "Controlled by author - on by default" then edit your contents to make sure that the "allow download" is enable.