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Hello H5P Staff!


I am having a bit of difficulty with the drag and drop sets.

The first issue, is that when I click on the item to drag, its designated drop place becomes outlined (not something I want for my students)

The second issue is that currently, only correct answers can be dragged to their respective boxes, which essentially turns my vocabulary drills into a game of elimination. How can i make it so that wrong answers will fit in wrong drop boxes, yet will still register as wrong when students review their answers?

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Thank you,


Joshua W & Yael Gal


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Hi Joshua W & Yael Gal,

First of all thank you for the link, makes it easier to check the issue :-). Let me try to answer your questions:

1. Under "Behavioural Settings", you can change the "Drop Zone Highlighting" option to never. Or you can choose always/when dragging but you have to change a few other settings which actually fixes the 2nd issue.

2. Please edit each drop objects and place a check on all drop zones. Also make sure that each drop zone has a check only for the correct answers. I hope you don't mind me downloading your content to check the settings. I uploaded it here and changed the settings for this "שולחן אוכל". I would have edited the whole content if only I can read Hebrew :-)

I hope this helps. Feel free to post in forums if you have additional questions or clarifications.