Content Type Accessibility Question


On the overview of the accessibility of the various H5P content types what does it mean when a content type is marked as No for being Maintained by the core team but Yes for being Accessible (eg Essay). 

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Hi Joy,

All content types are tested for accessibility with the goal of having all content types meet the WCAG 2.1 AA standards. The column for accesible provides a guide on which content types meets this standards or not. On the other hand the "Maintained by the core team" column provides users of the content a guide on who maintains the content type. The H5P core team created H5P and maintains most content types as well as and the official plugins. Since H5P is open sourced other members of the community such as Oliver have created some excellent content types e.g. Essay which he is currently maintaning. This means that the contributor is the one fixing bugs and adding new features to his content type.