Caught TypeError: H5P$4.jQuery is not a function


Hi All upating the Jquery jQuery v3.6.0  we are getting this error any library we need to update ? please suggest


Uncaught TypeError: H5P$4.jQuery is not a function

    at h5p.js:17:19

    at Object.execCb (require.min.js:29:299)

    at da.check (require.min.js:18:50)

    at da.<anonymous> (require.min.js:22:264)

    at require.min.js:7:140

    at require.min.js:23:189

    at y (require.min.js:6:207)

    at da.emit (require.min.js:23:160)

    at da.check (require.min.js:19:97)

    at da.enable (require.min.js:23:58)

QUOTA_BYTES quota exceeded
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Hi Lokesh123!

I wonder why you're upgrading to 3.6 (there are no security issues in 3.5.1 are there) and why, if you do that, you'd not feel capable to check yourself what might be going on by tracing the error message.

Anyway, may I safely assume that you simply replaced the jquery.js file in H5P core without having a look at if first and without noticing that it contains relevant code for H5P after the original jQuery code?


HI Oliver,

Thanks for your replay, Please note we have facing issue on Dialog Cards component,recently some update are changes and when we are embeded in Ifrmae we getting bellow errors. We have updated the H5p.js and latest Jquery library to check this issue and still we are facing same. We are also tracing same issue in differnent way and we didnt find any solutions. we are not indeed to upgrading Js.


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property 'prototype' of function 'class h extends H5P.EventDispatcher{constructor(t,s,e){h.idCounter++,super(),,this.prev...<omitted>...}}'

QUOTA_BYTES quota exceededQUOTA_BYTES quota exceeded
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Hi Lokesh123!

I feel we might be hitting some language barrier here. You're now reporting something different than before.

If you have some issue with Dialog Cards, then please share that error message without having patched anything (error message in full including line numbers, etc.) or provide access to the content in question.

If you blindly patch the h5p.js and jquery.js and maybe are not even sure what you're doing (patching H5P core is rarely a good idea in general either way!), then it will be virtually impossible to help you.


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I've released a version of the WordPress plugin that has jquery 3.6: The latest versions of the PHP core libraries work with JQuery 3.6, but you have to upgrade to them by changing the git submodule references to the latest version.