Saving scores on profile

Hi everyone!

I've tried looking through Google and the forums but I can't seem to find a previous question to this.

I'm using h5p and ultimate member. I'd like to have the scores of previous exercises be saved on the profile page (and then be able to retry them), for my students.

Is this possible with h5p, do you recommend a different members plugin and how would I implement this?

Thank you so so much!

save scores to student profile
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Hi FrenchyFresh!

I assume you're referring to some WordPress site running H5P. You'd use the xAPI interface that H5P is supporting ( to track results. But there's no readily available solution for the "Ultimate Member" plugin as far as I know of. You'd either have to add some code to that plugin or - if that plugin allows - track and store the results in some other plugin (that one would need to write) and pass the information to the "Ultimate Member" plugin when it displays information.