Prep images for H5P use?

I have avoided using much of the H5P content types because they rely on images which translates to hassle in my mind.  I am working from my own WordPress site. My general purpose is teaching ESL English with some computer literacy to adults at a low level.  H5P is perfect for developing both skills once I get some content for matching, etc.

  • I need to collect and prep images to use in H5P but I don't know what range of dimensions are best for the various activities. 
  • Are there minumum or maximum size recommendations? 
  • Will the images used in H5P content and backgrounds be resized uniformly automatically? 



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Hi Toni,

thanks for the great question. I can't give exact dimensions as the different content types differ in how they use and scale images. For example, Course Presentation would have different requirements to Memory Game. For the most part, you don't want to have anything larger than 500x500px. 

No, they will not be resized uniformly. The easiest way will be just to try them out! 

Hi Tim!  Thanks for responding.  :)

Are any image dimensions in Documentation for each type of content?  I have only checked out tutorials thus far.

And I will expect to edit and crop groups of images to uniform sizes myself.  Ouch!  But still, I am quite thrilled about the H5P platform.  No real complaints at all!

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No none, so far. Maybe they can be added in the future :)


great question! How about we users/creators/designers open a new thread to determine best practices? Actually, I'll open one so that we can get a head start but the person who opened this thread will be notified. To the h5p team, is there a way to reach out to more users so that they can contribute?



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Hi Maude!

If the conversation picks up and becomes something that everyone should see I may be able to pin it. But for now, there is not other way to get the word out without spamming other users.

Sounds perfectly reasonable. 

Have a great weekend. 

Hi Tim,
would you know if there is a documentation now for the dimensions for each type of content?

Many thanks, Bernd