Wordpress content error

I've installed the h5p wordpress plugin and activated without problems. But if I attempt to add a new hp5 element, I get the error:

Validating h5p package failed.

This error occurs if I try to create a new project or if I attempt to upload one that was saved locally.

Worpress version: 4.8.2

PHP: 7.1

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Could you post the file you're trying to upload?

It shows the error anytime I try to make a project. 

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It looks like your setup is missing some of the requirements for downloading and unpacking files. To be certain you need to change the code to print all of the error messages. You can do this by changing line 277 of the wp-content/plugins/h5p/h5p-editor-php-library/h5peditor-ajax.class.php file to look like this:

$this->core->h5pF->t('Validating h5p package failed. ') . implode(' ', $this->core->h5pF->getMessages('error')),

Now, the next you try to install a content type you should get the real error message.

Alternatively, you could try to download some example content from the examples and downloads page here on h5p.org and then upload the .h5p file to the H5P Libraries page on your WordPress installation.