H5P embed not showing up on https

Hi there, Drupal 9 site.  H5P installed no issues, up and running quickly.  Content embeds and shows fine when using the servers internal IP (on campus) but nothing shows when trying to access via external URL.  No errors in the log, nothing shows up.  Same behaviour FF/Chrome/Safari  Win/OSX. 

I'm guessing this is related to security around the https and external sites embedding, but not sure where to go with it.

Ideas appreciated :)


More google fu turned up my solution - fix the settings.php Maybe consider adding this to the setup/install info page?

For those with a similar issue:

$settings['reverse_proxy'] = TRUE;

 * Specify every reverse proxy IP address in your environment.
 * This setting is required if $settings['reverse_proxy'] is TRUE.
$settings['reverse_proxy_addresses'] = array($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);

Thanks for a fantastic platform - I look forward to deploying it for our university!  (we're starting with virtual tours)