Website analytics - view times link accessed?

Hi. I developed a couple of public videos and narrated powerpoints and loaded these on my content area, for students in my PhD project. I was told that I would be able to see how many times these links were opened. I received advice yesterday from the educational development team at Uni, that this information is only available through website analytics, and they could not help. I am not sure who to ask or what to do from here - any advice would be greatly appreciated! Regards Jackie

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Hi Jackie!

That's in fact something that you'd have to set up on your server where access to any page can be logged. H5P doesn't provide a counter functionality. That's what Piwik, GoogleAnalytics and all the manifold other tools were built for. Depending on where you're running H5P, there may be plugins for the respective platform as well.

One could, in theory, customize H5P, but I wouldn't see the point in re-creating something that has been done numerous times - and it would, of course, not cover access to PowerPoint files and not even videos unless these have been included to your site using H5P.


Thank you for the feedback.