Backend Evaluation Of Answers

May I ask how the Backend Evaluation of Answers is progressing on the Roadmap?  It seems that this would be a very important part of making H5P question types part of an exam quality assessment/quiz, but it seems to have been on the Roadmap without any update on progress for a long time - I see mentions  on other forums about how a solution might be available soon from way back in 2015!

Is it being actively worked on but proving to be challenging, or are you guys unable to start due to a lack of funding or developer resources?  I realise that it is probably a complex problem to solve, but surely it must be putting off a lot of people from adopting H5P?

As a business we are moving much of our content creation over to H5P because it is totally awesome - but... the problem of using client-side evaluation means that we are unable to offer our services clients who are tech-savvy, or to anyone who requires assessment under exam conditions because it is possible that they could cheat.  

So, I guess my question real question is this — Is server-side evaluation of answers something that we can expect in the next 6 months, or does it remain only a long-term goal?

Thanks, and keep up the wonderful work!


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Hi, you're right; this is a crucial feature that needs to be added as soon as possible. This can happen within the next 6 months but the H5P Core Team would need specific funding for it.

Hi Tim, thanks for the reply.  What is the best way to discuss this further with you guys?

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Please contact us at [email protected]

Hi, are there any news on this feature? I'm asking because I'm working on connecting a custom H5P content type to my own type of backend. I totally understand if Joubel wants to make backend evaluation of answers a paid feature on H5P SaaS, but it would be great if there was some common open standard for exchanging data. Currently I'm brewing my own, so I wanted to ask whether there are other efforts or code repositories I can look at.

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Hi ramon.ziai,

There are no plans yet to release the code for this feature (it's not even finished yet).



First of all, h5p is awesome.  Thanks a lot for your good work.  I am very interested in this feature (Backend Evaluation).  Is there any reference to design discussion or solution for this? How are we planning to solve this? Thank you once again.

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Hi bharatak,

This thread has the answers and a little bit more ;-)