Show solution not working for me

Hello, within a course presentation, we are using a variety of acivity types, including single choice set and multiple choice. For some reason, the show solution button is not appearing for us. I've uploaded the h5p file. Any help would be appreciated. thanks. 

affected slides are slides 3 adn 5 (single choice set) and slides 9 and 10 (multiple choice). None of the show solutions work. 

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Hi akaskens,

Thank you for the attached .h5p it made finding the issue much easier :-)

To answer your question, the "Show Solution" under the behavioural settings of the entire Course Presentation has been disabled. I've attached an updated content which should take care of the issue.

I am having the same issue on the course presentation. I have a Drag & Drop, a True or False and another D&D game. I have tested selecting both 'Enable' and 'Disable' for the Override "Show Solution" button, but it doesn't seem to make any different. The button is always still there at the end, and regardless, if I select the incorrect answers for the three games and go to the 'show solution' it only shows you the correct answer for the True and False question, never for the D&D.

Any advice regarding how to either completely disable this of get it to work properly? Ideally I would have it working properly.



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Hi Helen,

Could you please share the content you created so that we can have a look. I would also like to mention that show solution doesn't work with D&D this is due to the complexity of D&D contents.


Hi BV52, thanks for the very fast response!

OK, thanks for letting me know, I did wonder how the show solution would work with the D&D game.

I have attached the file, although im not sure its the correct format. Hopefully you can access it ok? im not sure how to open such a file..

I'm also having trouble applying the WYSIWYG buttons to enable italics for the text within the feedback sections. But thats on another thread!

The help is very much appreciated,



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Hi Helen,

Thank you for the file. I managed to disable the show solution and you can download the file here. Please note that the options to override "retry" and "show solution" are designed to have a universal setting so that you do not have to set this for every question. To disable the "Show Solution" in the results page you need to uncheck the "Display Show Solution" under the quiz finished menu.

Regarding making the show solution work in D&D I think you already know about this thread and Papi Jo is creating something to this effect.

Lastly the WYSIWYG buttons issue has been escalated to the core team and they'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Hi BV52,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly and for all the advice.

I found and disabled the "show solution" buttons, I had been in that area of the  'Quiz Finished' drop down before, but had forgotten that it was actually a drop down, and that there were more options in there. ops. so thanks for pointing this back out to me.

I viewed the features Papi Jo has made and I will eventually try to implement them into my games.

and lastly regarding the WYSISYG buttons - it would be fantastic if that can get sorted!

Many thanks,