No puedo abrir h5p


Junto con saludar, necesito ayuda con un archivo h5p, que lo trabajé en LUMI y ahora no me abre, me aparece un error, también lo intené abrir en moodle y nada. Adjunto el archivo.

Quedo atento y muchas gracias

Dear All.


Along with saying hello, I need help with an h5p file, which I worked on in LUMI and now it won't open, an error appears, I also tried to open it in moodle and nothing. Attach the file.


I remain attentive and thank you very much

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What error are you getting? Also if you created the content in Lumi I would suggest that you reach out to them directly. You can get their contact information on their site.


Ok, muchas gracias.

Solo me aparece que no puede cargar el archivo, tampoco se puede importar a moodle. Saludos!

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Hi csepulvedairribarra,

I'd suggest that you reach out to LUMI support since you created the content using their software.