Grading Free Text response

Hello I am new the H5P and used it for the first time through Canvas using my account through the school district ( I inserted two "Free Text" response questions into an interactive video. How do I grade the answers to the free text questions? On, I can access the reponses by going "my content-> states of matter -> reports -> "student name" -> attempt"  but I have to do this idividually for each student. Is there a quicker way to see  and grade all the answers to the free text questions of all the students in one place. It will be a terrible time waste if I have to view each student's reponse individually.

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Hi A_Rodenberger,

I'm afraid currently this is the only way to see the responses and grade them. However I have sent a request to the development team so that they may consider making some improvements on this is handled.

PS. I think you meant