Speak the Word with Numbers Problem

I was excited to use H5P to develop an English language tool to help adult clients practice reading numbers out loud (often done at work.)

My problem is this: "1,290" will be interpreted as correct by H5P if you say any of the following:

-"one two nine zero" 

-"twelve ninety" 

-"one thousand two hundred and ninety" (what I want learners to say).

Right now, I have correct answers set to only the vlaue of "1290." 

I've tried setting the correct answer to just the words "one thousand two hundred and ninety," but the interpretation device from either Chrome or H5P interprets that voice input as "1290," and marks that as incorrect.

I've also tried setting the correct answer to two values, "1290" and "one thousand two hundred and ninety." But that doesn't change the issue of someone getting a correct response if they say "one two nine zero." 

Any thoughts? 

I'm sensing that this is an issue with the voice-to-text recognition, not anything I've done. I worry altering that is beyond my control.

Is there anything I can do to make my set work as intended? 


speak the numbers
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You're correct, it's an issue with speech recognition, more precisely with how the WebSpeech API implements it. It's a feature that browsers provide and H5P uses without control over the implementation. H5P basically only transfers the sound sample and the expected text to the API and receives a "yes, it's a match" or a "no, doesn't match".

Playing with different forms of writing the text may be your best shot.



Thanks for such a quick, simple, and clear reply Oliver! I'm going to be rethinking the format of the course given the limitations of WebSpeech API's communication with H5P. This limitation is a good thing to know!


Thanks, Oliver, for such a quick, clear, and simple reply. I didn't realize this limitation between WebSpeech API interpreting H5P audio, but it is certainly an important limitation to know. I'll find some sort of work-around in the way I write the text.

I appreciate you sharing!