Drupal 8 and Views

I only can select a field called H5P content in views. I've tried to import a view as you explain in https://h5p.org/documentation/setup/drupal8, but is not any code below this sentence. Select 'View' from the 'Configuration Type' dropdown then paste the following code:"

It's a mistake? Where is the code?.

On the other hand, why are not appearing H5P fields to select in the views? Only appears the H5P content, but no any count results. I'm doing something brong?

Thanks a lot and congratullations for all your work!!!

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Hi Miquel,

The code wasn't appearing due to a formatting error. It should be there now.

You're not doing anything wrong. Unlike in Drupal 7, in Drupal 8 you will have to create a separate view for your results. 

The code in the tutorial should do that for you.

Let me know if you need any help.

Great!!! Now is running perfect, and I can see all the fields in the fields selector in Views.

Thanks a lot for your fast answer!!