Score not record in moodle

I created an H5P course with some questions at the end. I uploaded it to Moodle. Once a learner attempts the course, the score should show in the moodle under 'attempt record'. But it does not show the score(see screenshot1). Even not on grade book.I use integrated plugin in moodlecloude.1). Why is that?I want to know each learner's response to each question. How can I get it? (Not shown under 'View Report'-Screenshot 2) This may not a H5P issue but appreciate if somone can help me.
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Hi dilandesilva,

I think I have answered your question in a social media post. To provide addtional detail the Moodle core integration of H5P was not developed by the H5P core team instead it was developed by Moodle's developers. While it is not impossible that someone in this forum may know the answer you will have better luck in Moodle's forum.



I understood the reason the score not records in Moodle. It's when i'm desigining the content, i didn't selected SCORING OPTION properly (shall select as Dynamically calculate from user answers). Once it corretced, Moodle started recording score in grade book. But still looking for an answer for 2nd part of the questions(view score separatly); someone replied elsewhere as its not feasiable.