Maximum space for all content storage

Is there a maximum space allocation for each H5P content (storage)?

I have build 8 chapters for a course.

I have tried to delete a slide, then save the new change. Does not save it. It seem to stay in edit mode for ever and a day.

I have also tried to add another chapter on this H5P course (60 slides) and it won'nt save the work. Seem to stay in edit mode for ever and a day.

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Hi charlesm57,

There is no "limit", H5P contents do not have a limit on how large the content can be created.

Where are you creating your content?

  1. - We advice against creating "real" contents in this site since it was designed to be used to test new updates and for new users to try the basics
  2. - I'd suggest that you reach out to the Customer Success team by sending an email to [email protected]
  3. Moodle, Wordpress or Drupal plugins - Please provide the information requested on this page:
  4. Blackboard, Brightspace or Canvas - Please see no.2
  5. Somewhere else - Please reach out to the developers or technical support of the site/hosting provider.