find multiple hotspots question

Hi, I am trying to create a "bingo" game, where there is a bingo card image, using find multiple hotspots. However, I need to be able to have include audio, to call out the bingo numbers. But Find multiple hotspots does not allow me to add audio. So I am using column and want to create an audio content, followed by the find multiple hotspots (the bingo image with hotspots). However, the column content type does not offer the option of "find multiple hotspots". does anyone have any ideas for making this "bingo" activity work? (I need audio, and find multiple hotspots). thanks!  

Hi, how can I hide the number of attempts made by students that appears at the top of the screen? Kindly advise

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Hi Hira,

if you are the admin of your account go to Administrator Settings -> Display Settings then uncheck "Display number of attempts".

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