Show H5P-content in Craft

Hi H5P-community!

We are working on a project that is being built with Craft CMS. The client is an institute under a university, and the say they have "free access" to H5P and would like to use interactive elements as part of their articles.We also would like to control the CSS for fonts etc., so i guess an iframe is out of the question..?

There is no existing H5P-plugin for Craft, so how would be the recommended way to do this?

Is there a way to create the content in H5P, then download it, and simply show it on our Craft site? 

I am no developer, so my questions might seem a bit vague. Sorry in advance

Thank you!

best regards, Håvard


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Hi Håvard,

There are two ways I can think of that you can do this:

  1. You can use the  "free access" that you mentioned and use the built in embed feature of H5P. All you need to do is to enable this in the H5P editor, then click on the embed button once you save the content. You will then be given an embed code that you can use on any page that support embedding of iFrames. However you will not be able to insert CSS or formatting on this.
  2. Host the contents in, and insert the content using LTI 1.1 or LTI 1.3 if Craft supports LTI. If it doesn't support LTI you can still utilize the embed feature. With hosting the contents in it is possible to insert your own custom CSS:


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Option 3 could be to let someone develop an H5P plugin for CraftCMS. Takes time/money though.

Option 4 could be to export H5P files to standalone HTML files with the Lumi desktop application ( and to insert the HTML code in CraftCMS if CraftCMS allows that. CSS could be customized. Overall, that option would not be very comfortable however.