Picture size too small

Hi - I can't get a picture to fill the available picture area in Quiz [Question Set]: please see attached screenshot. Do I have to resize pictures before uploading them? I don't remember having to do that in other content. Cheers, Frances.

Trying again to upload screenshot of too small picture - thanks!

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Hi there! Try using the media image for the multichoice question.

Thanks, Tim, but that's what I'm using - in the Multiple Choice question type. Further suggestions gratefully received!

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Hi frankela, perhaps try 'Disable image zooming for question image' under behavioural settings?

Thanks, Tim - I tried disabling the image zoom but the picture remains small; I guess you have to choose the right size picture or edit it to the right dimensions - not something I know much about but I will keep experimenting. Thank you again!

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Try downloading the image from the example and making yours the same dimensions. Let me know how it goes!