Things which are nice to know about H5P November 2022 (according to OERcamp 2022)

Thanks to Oliver Tacke and his presentations at OERcamp 2022, I was able to collect some information about H5P which are really nice to know from my point of view but maybe for others too. That’s why I’m sharing it in the forum. 


First of all: I misunderstood the table on the following H5P-website ( Contenttypes that are listed in red are „not recommended“ to use but it is possible to use them f.e. Juxtaposition works fine within a WordPress system. So I think it is worth a try if those red listed contenttypes are needed.


The second point I would like to add is the use of contenttypes within others f.e. Branching Scenario, Column and Interactive Book. If a content like a Fill in the blanks already exists, you might want to reuse it in this overall construct. This is possible by using the „copy“ and „insert & replace“ buttons. Sometimes the last of the two buttons stays greyed out. Thanks to Oliver Tacke I now know that you have to stay calm and wait for 2 or 3 seconds with the mouse hovering this button until the hint message appears. In my case it was a version problem. 


This brings me to the third point: at the moment (November 2022) there is no possibility to update already created content within Lumi. That remains an open question from my side: how can I subsequently update content created with Lumi? An answer to my inquiry from the Lumi-Team is still pending. 


At the OERcamp Oliver also mentioned the following article ( I noticed two more interesting points while reading it. Joubel, the company behind H5P is called „H5P Group“ since August 2022. And YouTube is not the only option for using a third party provider when creating interactive Videos. There is also Pinopto and soon there will also be Vimeo. Those could be interesting for users with high privacy claims. So reading Olivers articles can be very informative and I recommand doing it. 

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Regarding Lumi: The underlying node.js port of H5P learned to upgrade content in June, so chances are that Lumi now can as well (it should). It doesn't have a separate screen to do so, however. Any content that you upload or open in the editor and then save should be updated to the latest library version automatically.


p. s.: And thanks for your kind words :-)

Hi Oliver,

unfortunately after updating a h5p contenttype within the h5p hub (integrated in lumi) and opening the old h5p-file and resave the file with the "save as" option the file is still in the old version. Also closing and reopening the file does make no difference. I know that lumi is not in your or the h5p development team's area of responsibitlity. I just wanted to add this as information.

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Hi Bianca!

That's in fact some issue that Sebastian would need to look into.