H5P in OneNote

Dear community,

I cannot integrate H5P content into OneNote. (version of OneNote Microsoft® OneNote® für Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2210 Build 16.0.15726.20188) 64 Bit) also tried in OneNote Win10 App did not work.

The Link is shown and working just fine in OneNote but according to this post (Announcing new H5P and OneNote integration to help bring interactive content to life | Microsoft EDU ), it should be a interactive "applett" in OneNote. I know this also could be a OneNote issue, but maybe some in here know what the problem is or how to solve it.

Thanks a lot for this great piece of work :)


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Hi dherbst!

Are you using H5P on H5P.com? That's the only platform that features OEmbed-ing of H5P content, because Microsoft needs to put domains on an allow-list.