H5P Attempt Options not Available in Moodle

1. The attempt options are not available when adding an H5P activity directly on the course page in Moodle (I am not doing it via the Atto editor.)  I have ensured I have the latest version of the H5P plugin and my Moodle version is 3.10.10. I've added a link to what it is I am looking for.

2. Is there any other way to get more specific data and analytics from H5P? I want more than just the grade in the grade book more like dates access, time spent, what answers were selected, if a question was skipped, etc. I don't think we have an LRS to use for xAPI statements.


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Hi Kimberly!

"H5P Activity" as referenced on the page that you lunked to is not part of the H5P plugin for moodle. It's part of moodle's own custom integration and requests should be directed at the moodle team. The H5P core team was not involved in developing moodle's custom H5P integration.