Agamotto is shown as black bar until full screen mode is activated + mouse slider delay


when using Agamotto inside of interactive book a black bar is shown until I switch to full screen mode (see picture 1). This behavior accurs inside of Lumi preview as well as exported HTML.file opened within Edge.

When the Agamotto is shown as expected there is a shift or delay between mouse and Agamotto-slider. So if I click on and hold the slider it jumps a view centimeters to the right. The distance between mouse and slider remains the same when moving the slider. This also happens inside of Lumi preview as well as exported HTML.file opened within Edge.

I'm thankful for every idea. Thank you very much in advance.

P.S. I read about the problem in older Agamotto-versions. But I'm using Agamotto version 1.5.2 and Interactive Book version 1.6.4. 


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The latest release version of Agamotto is 1.6.3 with a couple of fixes. Interactive Book uses Agamotto 1.5. The H5P core team may need to update their version of Agamotto.



Hi Oliver,

Thank you for clarifying. Is there something I can do? For example editing the reference in interactive book which Agamotto version is used? In which file would I have to look for it? app.js? Thank you very much in advance again.

Best regards, Bianca

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Hi Bianca!

You could build and install the latest version of Agamotto and than patch the files of Interactive Book. Yes. I do not recommend doing that, however. If you don't know what you're doing, you can break things and every change that you make will be overwritten by the next official update of Interactive Book. In bad cases, this may even break content that was created with your patched version (here some accessibility strings would be missing "only").

I suppose the H5P core team should update their version of Agamotto to 1.6 and update Interactive Book respectively. Maybe BV can create a ticket for that (this should fix HFP-3175 for Agamotto by the way).